The rise and fall of ‘Stumble Guys’

Ask virtually any high school student, and that person will say games on mobile devices are fun to play — a way to pass the time. “Stumble Guys” became a favorite of Titans shortly after school began. Within the first few weeks of school, students could be seen in groups before school or during lunch on their phones, focused on their screens, trying to be the first to finish their races.

“Stumble Guys was a very fun game while it lasted,” sophomore Beau Rose said. “It was very fun rushing up to the classroom after eating to play. The game got boring really quick and wasn’t fun, so my friends and I stopped playing it.”

“Stumble Guys” is replicated from the video game “Fall Guys,” where people can play it on Xbox, Playstation and PCs. In “Stumble Guys,” players compete in challenges for the first to finish or be the last to stay alive. Contestants compete in three rounds starting off with 16 to 32 players, then in the last round there are eight players left. Players get to pick their own skins and dance moves for when they finish a race or survive the longest.

“The game was really fun, but it became so repetitive that no one seemed excited to play anymore,” junior Jack Rose said. 

Some games run on for years like “Clash of Clans” but others fade quickly. “Stumble Guys” came out on October 7, 2021, with only a few thousand users, but in July of 2022, there were more than 18 million daily users. Students came back to school and were quickly playing the game. However, after a week or two, the app fell off amongst the student body and has remained out of trend ever since. 

“That game felt like so long ago,” sophomore Braxton Toy said. “No one ever plays that game anymore, but it was fun while it lasted.”